Arctic Trend är en design studio med kontor i Luleå. Företaget bildades april 2008. Jag som driver företaget heter Annkathrin Lundqvist och har arbetat som designer sedan 27 år då jag tog min examen från FIDM. Jag är ansvarig över projekten som finns representerade på den här sidan. Jag designar produkter, inredning, accessoarer och mönster.



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  1. Chris White
    October 17, 2018

    Hello Ann Kathrin
    It was really nice to meet you last Friday and discuss about the possibility to make ceramics for your Arctic bath project, Monika and I are really excited about this project and have already planned some models and ideas.
    I will need to ask you more information later as we develope the ceramics. What is the best way to contact you? By email, whatsapp or sms? I understand that you are busy so I will only contact when it’s really necessary.
    Also if you have anything in your mind to ask or need then please contact me, this all helps with the development.
    I would like to make an acceptable proto/models and prices for you ready by November, next month, before I begin with my winter activities.
    Good luck with the project and we keep in contact.
    Best Regards
    Chris & Monika


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